VideoDesigns provides state-of-the-art videographic hardware to deliver superbly smooth and stylish productions across all sectors. On-line video is the only effective way to grab peoples attention or share either special events or services with the digital world.


The latest hardware allows broadcast level production values to be brought to any project. In the increasingly competitive world attracting peoples attention is a real challenge. VideoDesigns can deliver stunning visuals, audio and design that can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Cutting-edge-kit is great but to really attract and keep peoples attention old-school skills are vital. Developing a theme and telling a story is just as important. We have the skills and experience to really tell your story and fully engage with the audience.



This is the most common project we undertake. Most clients know their business or the subject matter intimately but don't necessary know how to tell the story or indeed what story to tell.

It may sound a bit pretentious but it's vital to develop a narrative for any project. Stunning video may look the part but without a story, "a beginning, middle and end", viewers become bored quickly and the interest or opportunity for a sale is lost.

This pre-production phase is key to success. Working with the client we produce a storyboard that really gets the key message across and also helps them visualise the end results and ensures nothing important is overlooked and no time is wasted during production and editing.

We work closely with the client at every stage and liaise with them constantly regarding the 'look and feel', design, editing, music choices etc. We provide the framework, the client provides the detail. Then end result, a finished product that really tells a story.



As you may have notice VideoDesigns has a different approach to video production. You pay a flat daily rate regardless of the task in hand. If you already have footage you'd like use as the basis for your project not a problem. We're happy to edit and design around you.


Maybe you have a completed film but just want to add some finishing touches to make it special. Opening titles, animations, panel graphics, bottom thirds, voice-overs, whatever you need to make your particular project shine. It's not a problem.


Perhaps you have the skills to do your own edit and produce all the design elements you need. Again, not a problem! Cameras, gimbals, drones, sliders, audio gear... It's all expensive to buy and difficult to master. If you already have a concept and the skills to realise it we can help.


We work on a fixed daily rate, if need a cameraman, drone operator, steadicam, audio engineer or whatever else we can provide the hardware and the know-how to help make your vision a reality.