Copy writing is an essential but often overlooked part of almost every media project, whether it be on-line or in print. Paul Austin has been a professional journalist for over 30 years and still writes for a number of newsstand publications and their on-line alter egos.

Starting his career as an IT journalist with Europress and subsequently as a Managing Editor at IDG Media, producing magazines such as PC World and Mac World, he’s expanded his repertoire to include freelancing for music magazines, photography and lifestyle titles.

Copy writing isn’t just about print. Over the years Paul has also produced content for countless web sites and commercial projects including brochures, presentations and media packs for all manner of commercial clients.

In the modern world it’s not just about what you write it’s equally important how you write. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital part of all on-line projects and a thorough understanding of the subject is absolutely essential.

Combine good copy writing with great visuals and you have the making of a success story. You may need a web site, blog content, advertising or promotional material but you certainly need great copy to get your message across.

VideoDesigns can help no matter what form of media you have in mind.